Renee Giroux

Organic Horticulturist, Community Advocate, Educator & Passionate Grower 

Ms. Giroux has devoted the past 14 years to the field of horticulture and sustainable Agriculture. She has developed greenhouse food systems using a biosphere growing technique and succeeded in being the key person in obtaining USDA organic certification for the largest Organic greenhouse system in New England. Ms. Giroux has also obtained grants for funding existing farm projects and adding value to commodity. Her strengths lie in building connections through farming and the community and as well as marketing her commodity to chefs, farmers and gardeners. Her passion is growing clean food and providing nourishment to the community through produce, herbs and flowers. She has built a a brand through cut herbs and greens at Gilberties Herbs in Easton and now the brand Petite Edibles services restaurants and markets in Fairfield county.  Renee is continuing to align herself with well-known organic institutions, farms and agricultural economic organizations that have deep roots in our countries Organic Farming Movement.
Renee's traning and certification includes:
  • Associate of Science degree in horticulture
  • Certified horticulturalist from NVCC
  • Female Farmer certificate from Holistic Management International, a program funded by the USDA
  • Certified with a Good Agricultural Practices and third party food audit through SCS global. 
  • Pfeiefer Center Biodynamic Agrictulture
Renee is an activist building community and advancing agricultural practices in the Northwest corner of CT. Examle projects include:
  • Design and instalation of living pantries in homes in  NYC for year round sustainableliving in urban environments. 
  • Healthy eating program with Head Start Programs in northern Manhattan  .
  • Off grid greenhouse design and managment.
  • Shumei Biodynamic style of growing along.